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Everything ABOUT C3i Magazine

Our Story

C3i Magazine was founded in 1992 by Rodger B. MacGowan, covering the Wargaming hobby with a focus on the graphic design of RBM Studio. Rodger has been a prolific graphic artist, contributing his artwork to hundreds of games since the 1970s. Click here to see a list of the projects he has worked on.

C3i has supported new and upcoming releases from GMT Games, and has also featured interviews with major designers and gamers within the hobby. It has also served as a chronicle of the the history and contributions of other game companies like Avalon Hill, SPIGame Designers Workshop, Yaquinto Games, Victory Games to name a few. C3i has also been a forum for discussing how boardgames are designed and developed, and showcases numerous insights into how to play and think about wargames, as well as explain the historical backgrounds of the games.

Typically released on an annual basis, each print issue of C3i is filled with articles on the hobby. Included within each issue is a series of inserts that serve as Expansions for existing boardgame products. Plus, C3i Magazine includes a standalone game (e.g. Drive on Metz, Battle of Moscow, Soviet Dawn, Plan Orange, South Pacific, Battle of Wakefield) for play with a friend or solo-excursions. Each issue is printed in full color, covering topics ranging from ancient history to modern warfare and beyond.

This website, the C3i Ops Center, is our hub for showcasing articles and videos you won’t see in the magazine. We will also report on player meetups and conventions, display artwork for upcoming projects, not to mention host the RBM Studio Store, where you can purchase magazines and other merchandise (shirts, posters, collector’s boxes, etc). You can also visit the archives to read up on current and back issues of the magazine.


The Immortals were a corp of elite infantry that served as both the bodyguard and standing army for the Persian Shahanshah, or King of Kings, in the times of Herodotus, Thermopylae and Alexander the Great. Their formidable presence and vaunted “immortality,” replacing troops lost in battle to keep the corp alive, have influenced similar elite units down the road.

Similarly inspired, the C3immortals are the core supporters and companions of C3i Magazine. You have been with us for years and we could not continue to exist without your help. You are our advocates at game night, the ones who read our newsletters as soon as they arrive, and provide us with feedback to let us know what we did right and what we can do better.

The Immortals used to have its primary function as an “auto-order” subscription based service, but we have transitioned to our current model where Immortals get behind the scenes insights and discounts on orders. Our new store system through Ecwid enables us to provide discounts and special deals that we couldn’t offer before on the “Currentops” site, something we are really excited to share with you all. As an Immortal, you will also receive information on when limited time items will be released so you can get them before they are gone! Come sign up with us!