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What’s Gaming Without Friends?


C3i Magazine has always been about supporting the wargaming hobby as a whole. This is why we’ve consistently put out articles, supplemental counters, card and inserts, and recently games aimed at introducing new players to the hobby. Now we want to take this a step further by hosting a Discord server to make it so game night isn’t once in a blue moon when everyone can meet in person. Now it’s time to bridge the gap.

Discord provides a space to chat through text, voice or video with gamers around the world or right next door. This means you can now show off your most recent victories, your new copy of C3i, or anything else you’d like. You can voice or video chat with friends, share your screen, walk your friends through your gaming den or anything else! Just click the link below to download the app, setup a free account, and start exploring with us. If you want to learn more about Discord itself, click here