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The Art of Rodger B. MacGowan

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Brand: RBM Studio

Expected Release Late June-July

Part autobiography, part chronicle of the historical board wargaming hobby, The Art of Rodger B. MacGowan takes the reader through Rodger's career as one of the hobby's premier graphic designers. Think of this as an art gallery you can visit anytime, showcasing artwork from his humble beginnings at SPI, Avalon Hill and Fire & Movement through Hobby Japan, GMT Games and C3i Magazine, and everything else in between. Rodger also gives behind the scenes color for many of the pieces, including the (many) last minute deadlines, projects delayed or canceled only to be given new life, and the music and movies that inspired his work.

This shrinkwrapped, hardbound first printing runs close to 200 pages and highlights a rare collection of art and history that is unique in the boardgaming hobby. We are printing this in a limited run, so please place your order soon as it's unlikely that we print this again!

This is the first time C3i Magazine has released a boxed edition of a game featured in the magazine, with only a limited quantity made. Get them before they're gone!

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