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Card Driven Games Articles

Summaries and Back Issue Articles

Below are a selection of some of our notable articles on Card Driven Games, just click on the link to go directly to the file, free to download!

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Barbarossa to Berlin: The Terrible Dance of Death

Designer’s Notes–For the People: New Counters!

Paths of Glory: Five Points for Beginners

1943: Empire of the Sun–Tournament Scenario Analysis

Paths of Glory: A Central Powers Victory in the Basic Scenario

A Short Scenario for Twilight Struggle

Alexander’s Marshals: Special Abilities in Successors

Amphibious Assaults in Empire of the Sun

For the People: April 1861 Scenario

For the People: Capital Offense

Let A Thousand Variants Bloom: The Evolution of the Chinese Civil War and the Long, Twilight Struggle

Empire of the Sun: Six Optional Rules

Empire of the Sun Strategy Concepts

Empire of the Sun: Japanese Opening Theory and Practice

For the People: Opening Theory

For the People: 10th Anniversary Variant Rules

For the Players: Optional Rules for For the People

Heating Up the Cold War: Fighting the Twilight Struggle

Here I Stand: Two Player Variant

Kutuzov, The War in Russia, 1812

Learning Here I Stand in 20 Minutes or Less

Little Belgium, Big Issues: Paths of Glory – Founded on Good Geography

Paths of Glory: The First World War

Player’s Notes: PoGMania, Tips for Beginners

Pursuit of Glory: Strategic Analysis of the Eastern Fronts, Part 1

Strategy Tips for Wellington

Successors: A Player’s Guide to Success

The Chits of August: The Great War in Europe Events Glossary

Twilight At Last: Inside the Design of Twilight Struggle

Unusual and Unhappy King Charles!

Victory Point Games Wants You!