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Down in Flames Articles

Summaries and Back Issue Articles

Below are a selection of some of our notable articles on Down in Flames Series Games, just click on the link to go directly to the file, free to download!

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C3i Magazine Nr. 13 Module Insert: Air Leader Series: Falcon Leader

50 Minutes Over the Blackboard

8th Air Force Variant: Abbeville Kids

Twilight of the Luftwaffe: Daylight 1945 Campaign

DIF Tournament Rules: Who Wants to be a Fighter Ace?

A Look at Thunderbolt + Apache Leader

Air Umbrella Over Dunkirk

DIF Campaign: Battle of Britain Day – September 15 1940

DIF Campaign: Battle of the Bismarck Sea

Designer’s Notebook: Thunderbolt and Apache Leader

A Guided Tour of Rise of the Luftwaffe Part 1

A Guided Tour of Rise of the Luftwaffe Part 2

Dogfight Campaigns: DIF Early Pacific Theatre Missions

Downtown C3i Expansion: Dragon’s Jaw

Downtown: Linebacker III (Alternate History Scenario for 1975)

Elusive Victory: The Air War over the Suez Canal, 1967 to 1973

Experten of the Luftwaffe Part 1

DIF Pacific Module Pacific Module: Flying Tigers

Corsairs and Hellcats Variant: Guadalcanal Carrier Battles

Wings: Air Leader Series Hornet Leader TDA Update

Rise of the Luftwaffe: Kuban Bridgehead

Zero! DIF Series Campaign: Marshall Islands Raid 1942

Cards and Counters for Hornet Leader and Thunderbolt+Apache Leader
New Variants, Units & Rules: Optional Rules for DIF Series

North Korea: Hornet Leader Module Nr. 2

Observations on Eighth Air Force

DIF Campaign: Operation “Pedestal” – Malta Convoy, August 1942

Hornet Leader Variant: Operation Southern Watch

DIF Series – Air Campaign Module Revised: Poland 1939

RoL Variant: The Boys from Abbeville

Zero! and Corsairs and Hellcats – Struggle for the Aleutians

TDA for Hornet Leader

TDA for Thunderbolt Apache Leader

Zero! Campaign: The Netherlands East Indies: January-March 1942

Bf 109 DIF Variant: The Problem with Gustav

The Rise of the Luftwaffe: Malta Campaign

The Rise of the Luftwaffe and 8th Air Force

The Vic in DIF Variant

Tour of Duty – DIF Campaigns

Converting Hornet Leader into “Falcon” Leader

A Look at Thunderbolt + Apache Leader