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Great Battles of History (GBoH) Articles

Summaries and Back Issue Articles

Below are a selection of some of our notable articles on the Great Battles of History series, just click on the link to go directly to the file, free to download!

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Caesar Scenario Analysis: A Bridge Too Near – Crossing the Rubicon, 49 BC

Great Battles Module: Alexander the Great in Italy, 319-318 B.C.

Arminius and the Defense of Germania: A Module for Caesar OR Conquest of Gaul

Great Battles of Module: The Battle of Telamon, 225 B.C.

Ben-Hur War Galley Scenario

SPQR Scenario: Caralis: The Battle for Sardinia, 215 B.C.

Cataphract Developer’s Notes

Cavalry in SPQR: Masinissa’s Corner: Cavalry Tactics

SPQR Map Guide

Tactical Analysis: Contrasts in Roman and Macedonian Tactics

Great Battle Module: Crossing the Rubicon, 49 B.C.

Elephants, Phalanxes and How Romans Deal With Them

Equus Module Preview: Cavalry Battles of the Second Punic War

Equus: SPQR Scenario

Historical Perspective: Foundations of Victory: Reasons for Macedonian Supremacy

SPQR & GBoH Index

GBoH Scenarios Index

GBoH Series Index

GBoH Module: The Battle of Dertosa, 215 B.C.

The Great Battles of Epaminondas: Great Battles of Alexander Module

GBoH Forum: From Alexander the Great to Gustavus Adolphus

GBoH Forum: Gustavus Adolphus, the Dawn of Modern Warfare

GBoH Forum: Macedonians vs Romans

GBoH Forum: The Clash of Swords, the Thunder of Hooves

The Maxims of War: The Clash of Swords, The Thunder of Hooves (Alternate)

Scenarios for Deluxe Alexander: Great Battles of the Achaemenidae

The Great Battles of Spartacus!: C3i-GBoH Module for Caesar: Conquest of Gaul

GBoH Scenario: Hannibal’s First Battle

How to Employ Your Very Own Barbarian Horde: Resisting the Conquest of Gaul

The Justinian Gambit: Applying the Measure of History to Design Assessment

Leaders in SPQR: Command and Leadership

Tactical Forum: Macedonian Counterplan for Issus, 333 B.C.

GBoH Module: Mago: Youngest of the Lion’s Brood

Historical Scenarios: The Battle of Marathon,490 B.C.

Scenarios for SPQR: Marcus Claudius Marcellus: The Sword of Rome

C&C Ancients: Mercenary Land Battles of the First Punic War Revisited

SPQR Scenario Battles–Agrigentum and Adys

The Classical World: Moving on from SPQR in the GBoH Series

Multi-Player War Galley Rules

Overshadowed by a Phrase: Pyrrhus

Tactical Forum: Persian Plan for Battle of Issus, 333 B.C.

Scenarios for Great Battles of Alexander: Philip “the Great”

Publius Crassus in Aquitania: Conquest of Gaul Scenarios

SPQR Scenario: Pydna, 168 B.C. – Legion vs Phalanx

Pyrrhus in Sicily: Epirus versus Carthage, 278-275 BC

Pyrrhus of Epirus vs Rome: Claiming Your Own Pyrrhic Victory

Quinquereme: Naval Combat in the Second Punic War

Tactical Forum: Rampaging Pachyderms!

Rampaging Pachyderms! Digest

The Rise of the Maur an Empire: The History Behind the Game Chandragupta

Samurai Insert, C3i Issue 7

Battle Report: Samurai: Warfare in 16th Century Japan

GBoH Tactical Analysis: Samurai: Warriors and Soldiers

Skirmishers in SPQR: Effective Use of Light Infantry and Skirmishers

SPQR Chronological Battle Index

SPQR Designer’s Notes

SPQR Examples of Units

SPQR Module-The Battle of the Great Plains

SPQR Sample Game: Learning (Beginner) Scenario

Historical Perspective: SPQR: The World According to Polybius

Historical Perspective: SPQR: The World According to Polybius (Alternate)

Syphax – Lion of the Desert

Tarentum and the Battle of Sapriportis, 210 BC

The Army Without a General: GBJC Scenarios for Sicoris and Ilerda, 49 BC

SPQR Battle Replay: The Bagradas Plains, 255 B.C.

SPQR Battle Plan: The Battle of Cannae, 216 B.C.

Great Battles Module: The Battle of Castulo, 211 B.C.

GBoH Module Preview: The Battle of Crimissos River, 341 B.C .

SPQR Battle Plan: The Battle of Cynoscephalae, 197 B.C.

SPQR Battle Plan: The Battle of Magnesia, 190 B.C.

SPQR Battle Plan: The Battle of Zama, 202 B.C.

SPQR Scenario: The Battles of Lamia and Ells, 208 B.C.

The Carthaginians: The Carthaginian Army in SPQR

The Hammer of God Part 1

The Hammer of God Part 2

Great Battles of Julius Caesar:The Nike Gambit

The Power of One: Individual Combat in Samurai

The Roman Army in SPQR

SPQR Scenario: The Second Battle of Beneventum, 214 B.C.

GBoH Scenarios: The Sicilian Campaign in the 2nd Punic War

The Siege of Alesia

Scenarios for SPQR: The Truceless War: Hamilcar Barca Puts Down a Mercenary Revolt

The Elephant Victory: C3i GBoH Module for SPQR Deluxe and the Barbarian Module

GBoH Naval Scenarios: Trireme Battles at the Dawn of History