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Other Games/4x Articles

Summaries and Back Issue Articles

Below are a selection of some of our notable articles on Other Games that haven’t been categorized yet or don’t fit neatly elsewhere, just click on the link to go directly to the file, free to download!

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15 Battle of Kasserine Pass C3i Module

15 Blue vs Gray Deluxe Edition

15 New Tactics Cards for Battleline

15 Risorgimento Campaign in Lombardy with Peter Perla

15 Risorgimento 1859 Designers Historical Notes

15 Ukraine 43 Optional Rules Changes and New Counters

1863 and the Battle of Mine Run

A Back Hander for Von Mansteins Backhand Blow

A Castiglione Replay

Adding Companions to Successors

After Action Report Invasion Norway

Airbridge to the Rijn 1944

Arctic Storm Designers Notes

Arctic Storm Historical Perspective

Arctic Storm Battle Report

Asia Engulfed Japanese Opening Moves

Asia Engulfed Seabees Optional Rules

Back to the Blitz

Battles of Waterloo Hougoumont Scenario

Battles of Waterloo Netherlands Army Modifications

Best Laid Plans

Bludgeon not a Sledgehammer

Borodino 1812 A Players View

Britain Stands Alone Options and Clarifications

Built In Blitzkrieg

CCA Odds

C3i Index 1-21

Crisis Korea 1995 Strategy and Tactics

Crisis Korea 1995 Targeting the Peninsula

Crisis Korea 1995 The Next War in Asia

Crisis Sinai 1973

Developers Notebook Invasion Sicily July-August 1943

Dogfight Campaigns Down in Flames Early Pacific Theatre Missions

Drive on Cherbourg

Europe Engulfed Ruin of the Reich

From the Admiralty’s Point of View

Game Analysis – For the People

Gergovia (By Ceccoli)

GMT East Weekend 2010

How to Raab the French of Victory

If Not Us Then Who

Interview of Jim Day

Invasion Norway Fuel Roster Chart

JENA Player Aid card 2

Jena 20 Players Notes

Jena 20: Whats In A Name?

June 6 A Perspective

Lost Victory Forced March Rules

Manifest Destiny A Players Introduction

Manoeuvre Designers Notes

Mind Your Ps and Qs

New Air Variants for Britain Stands Alone

Norway Naval Supply Rules

Operation Mercury Allied Campaign Option

Operation Shoestring Variant Naval Rules

Operational Tempo in Invasion Norway

Out Manoeuvred

Pax Romana Two New Scenarios Magna Graecia and Diadochi

Pax Romana Endgame

Pax Romana Spartacus

Peace Land and Bread – Not Necessarily in that Order

Red Winter: The Russo Finnish War

Rise of the Roman Republic

Rodger B. MacGowan_The Artist Behind GMT Games

Silver Bayonet First Team in Vietnam 1965

Stalin’s War

Strategy Tips for Pax Romana

The Added Dimensions of Operations Shoestring

The Battle Line of Gaugamela

The Seventh Army Attacks

Tigers in the Mist: A Primer

What Happened to the Soviet 54th?

Why Castiglione?